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Infinity Double-Hung Windows

Many Styles of Double-Hung Windows

Infinity double-hung windows come in different styles including standard, cottage and oriel styles. Sash of different proportions in one unit is commonly referred to as cottage and oriel style double-hung windows.

You can get all these double-hung window styles at Windows Plus Inc. You can rely on our professionals for double-hung window installation work. Call us today!

Inifinity Double-Hung Windows available at Windows Plus

Different Features of Infinity Double-Hung Windows

  • Both upper and lower sash ensures a seamless operating experience
  • Easy tilt feature makes cleaning simple
  • Easy to operate and clean
  • Quality hardware
  • Advanced design
  • Factory-installed screens
  • Available in standard, cottage and oriel styles

How to Operate Infinity Double-Hung Windows

Easy Tilt Operation - our double hung window is amazingly simple to operate, and both upper and lower sash tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

  • Unlock and raise the sash slightly
  • Press the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button
  • Tilt the sash into the room for easy cleaning without removing the screens


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